The name ZAPP came from the concept of future and fun. I want to create fun, fast, impressive websites and I needed a name that could convey this. After many scribbled out lists, Zapp was decided upon, as a memorable name that hit the mark.

Next came the logo sketching

At this point the idea was just get down all my thoughts and to not be too critical of what ended up on the page.

I liked the Z and using the shape to evoke a lightning bolt, inspired by the Bowie logo. But the pared back lines were the ones that really spoke to me. I wanted to develop those, to create something playful – but not too Death Metal!

In Illustrator, I attempted to work the logo into a collection of lines to see if that would work. My thinking was lots of straight lines would lend the logo to lots of interesting animation possibilites.

I liked this approach, but I was concerned about legibility issues at small sizes.

This felt like a strong approach, but I was concerned it was lacking in personality. Back to the sketch book…

This started to feel strong. Back to Illustrator, and this where I ended up… What do you think?